Data General AViiON AV300D docs?

Chris Hanson cmhanson at
Sat Sep 28 14:45:35 CDT 2019

One thing I’ve done is dump the ROMs in my two AV300D. They’re identical except for the last 4 bytes, which I suspect is where their host/Ethernet ID comes from.

Unfortunately while the ROM is a JEDEC 1Mbit part, my dump doesn’t look coherent, in that there’s no simple ASCII text like appears at boot, and the contents at 0 are not proper 88100 instructions. I expect Data General didn’t use D[7-0] on the ROM as D[7-0] — and may not have used A[16-0] as A[16-0] either. And since my systems have bum power supplies, I can’t boot them and dump the ROMs that way.

Anyone have a running AV300 or AV400 system from which you could dump the ROM via SCM (the boot monitor)? Then I could compare it with my dump and figure out how it’s wired up.

If anyone likes puzzles, here are the last 8 bytes of each system’s ROM:

$ tail -n 1 AV300-10794-01-1AFB.hex 
0001fff0: ffff ffff ffff ffff 7184 f4a2 04fb 67fe

$ tail -n 1 AV300-10794-01-3163.hex 
0001fff0: ffff ffff ffff ffff 7184 f4a2 9cfa f7fc

The ROMs were labeled 1AFB and 3163 respectively. If anyone can see a coherent mapping in that, I’d be quite happy. :)

  — Chris

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