HP vintage boards being sold as scrap - WON

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Sun Sep 29 23:25:44 CDT 2019

Sure, they can come here and sit in the warehouse for no more than a month.
I will identify the boards and ship to the appropriate addresses.
Please note that orders shipped to the EU or Russia or Australia become
cheaper in larger batches. I usually ship keyboards, and in this scenario, 1
keyboard costs at least $75 to ship to the EU, but 6 keyboards costs about

Happy to help the community!

Guy, don't forget to ask him for an adjusted invoice to include ESD and
proper padding. I believe he said this was $100?


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At 10:03 PM 27/09/2019 -0500, JRJ wrote:
>Thanks for the tip.  (Part of not recognizing that is that I had never
>made the connection between the 2108B/2112B and the "1000" series
>before, until I read about it in this thread, and did some poking
>around.  The HP's have not been one of my priorities in over a couple of
>decades, and most of of that focus was on my older HP2114B.)

That's always mystified me too. "1000 series" for model numbers like 2108B,
2112B, 2113E, etc.
Weird corporate thinking. Maybe too much printed material with "1000" on to
Or some other company had trademarked "2000 series" ?


For US$306.  Considering there are at least 12 of those DtoA cards, and
apparently piles
of HP 1000 boards besides the serial IO ones, it's not too bad.

But I have to admit my max price was partly motivated by anti-gold-scrapper
My god those guys are dumb. Engaging in an incremental bidding war on ebay
demonstrates a
major mental deficit, given that there are more rational and effective
avenues available. 
Game theory? Obviously they have never heard of it.
>From their bid histories, others bidding up this lot (apart from Cindy) were
solely interested in the gold.
I'm sticking to my view, that anyone engaged in routinely crushing antique
computer boards
for their gold content, is both amoral and stupid. So their retarded ebay
bidding habits
are no surprise.  Bulk contemporary e-waste, like piles of dead cell phones,
sure, go for it.
But failing to recognise that boards from the 70s through 80s are now
increasingly rare
historical relics, is just inexcusable.

Maybe would have been cheaper if this group hadn't put on so many item
watchers, but that's life.
If anyone is interested in what it's like to work with a bidsnipe service, I
took screenshots.

Now, for disposition...

Zipped set of the 12 listing photos is here:
http://everist.org/pics/pcbs/pics.zip   3.6MB
I have notes of who already wants some boards.
Anyone else who can identify specific boards and/or something they'd like,
please email me.
I really want to get all the boards identified, before onshipping them. Some
might become giveaways
or ebay fodder.

Worst case I'll have to send them to my reshipper in LA, CA.
I don't yet know if my reshipper is capable/willing to handle selecting
boards and sending them
to various destinations. And what they'd charge. I'll be asking them.
Fingers crossed.
If not, they'll all just have to come to me in Oz.
But they can sit at the reshipper for months if that's useful.

Maybe an alternative is for them to go to Cindy, to hold while we work out
what they are and who wants some?
Cindy, would you be willing to do that? Others would have to pay you for
postage (+time), and me for whatever
price is agreed on for the boards they want.  I'm not greedy and don't
expect to make a profit.

Alternatively, is there anyone on the US East coast who wants to play hold
and reship?

Please be quick, I won't be able to hold them up at the seller's for long.

I'm busy the rest of today, will start dealing with this tomorrow.

Don't actually have enough cash to pay for this atm, but will by Wed/Thur.
ie 2 to 3 days from now.


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