IBM 5110 transformer?

dwight dkelvey at
Mon Sep 30 08:37:43 CDT 2019

Is it a switcher or an AC?
A custom transformer is going to be quite expensive. About the only way is to cannibalize another machine.

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Subject: IBM 5110 transformer?

A friend of mine is trying to repair a IBM 5110. He is convinced that the
transformer is bad.

Anyone knows the spec of the transformer?

Someone that has a spare?

Looking into the tech documentation tell me that the machine requires +/-
5V and +/- 12 V and also +8.5V

A very rough guesstimate based on the number of wires from the PSU to the
backplane would give 20A 5V, 4A +12V, 4A +8.5V, 1A -5V and 1A -12V.

Anyone with a better guess?


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