Burroughs L-series paper tapes

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Subject: Burroughs L-series paper tapes

> I've bought a small number of L-series tapes over the years that I finally read yesterday,
> mostly pass 1 and 2 of the assembler.
> Part numbers look like this. Oddly, they all seem to be wound backwards. The person-readable
> label is at the end, which will make it annoying to scan.
> 1-2101-049-01
> 1-2101-052-07
> 1-1001-008-07
> 1-1001-009-07
> Anyone have any others?

No descriptions? No idea which model L? Would be interesting to see the dumps, esp. the assembler.

I threw out several boxes full, way back before I realized that people were actually interested in this old junk, err, these old classic systems.

Guess someone just wound them up as they came out of the machine.

I've been following the recent thread about reading paper tapes and don't see why there are any issues?

Assuming you have some kind of reader the interface should be trivial; just read them at full speed and manipulate them as needed later on a PC.

Reversing the sequence oughta be really trivial, no? Could even do it with Excel ;-)

Or am I missing something?


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