Seeking PET 4016/32 'shift' keycap

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Sun Aug 2 15:13:07 CDT 2020

After over a decade of keeping eyes peeled, I found a Commodore PET 4016 at 
a yard sale yesterday (it actually wasn't in the sale, but there was some 
old phone stuff there, and when I see anything like that I always ask the 
owner if they happen to have any vintage computer stuff hiding away).

The case is pretty battered, and it was disgusting and reeked of rodent 
urine, but after cleaning it and going over things it (incredibly) actually 

I am, however, missing a right shift keycap. Does anyone happen to have a 
junker (perhaps one that's already missing keys) and so would be willing to 
sell me one? It's identical to the left-side, and I think is shared with 
the 4032 models. Cosmetically the machine's never going to be perfect (at 
least not without some careful gluing on a couple of cracks and a full 
repaint), but a complete keyboard would improve things considerably!



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