Burroughs L-series paper tapes

Stan Sieler sieler at allegro.com
Thu Aug 6 17:27:18 CDT 2020

Re:  If you scroll down to the L9000 there are pictures of the rescue I was
thinking of, which may well be the system you're talking about and even the
lady in question:

> http://www.picklesnet.com/burroughs/gallery/bpgltc.htm

Yes!, thanks!

On http://www.picklesnet.com/burroughs/images/fullsize/burr0056.jpg, if you
go out the door, our office was to the left.

I can't recall who took the photos (if I did, it would explain why I'm not
in them :) ... I recognize several local collectors (KS & FMC, at least).

thanks again,


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