DEC VR260 service docs / common failure modes?

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at
Mon Aug 10 12:18:34 CDT 2020


I have a DEC VR150 that is nearly functional; shows full screen but the 
H/V are not in any sync at all.  Would love to use it with a VaxStation 

Opened it up and found it quite a complicated monitor, not like a simple 
PC monochrome monitor.

Purchased a microfiche manual off ebay, but haven't been able to view it 

Eager to hear how you do with your larger monitor.


On 8/9/2020 3:10 AM, Josh Dersch via cctech wrote:
> Hi all --
> Picked up a non-functional but otherwise nice looking DEC VR260 (19" b&w
> monitor) on the cheap, hoping to use it with my VAXstation 2000.  From what
> I've read, these were never the most reliable displays.  Curious if anyone
> has any information on common failure modes, or has service docs squirreled
> away somewhere.  I've at least found schematics, so I have something to go
> on, but it's not exactly the most straightforward design I've poked at.
> Right now when powered up I hear a repeated low hum from the transformer
> followed by a soft ticking noise so I'm guessing I've got power supply
> issues at the very least.  Unsure what I should expect the monitor to do if
> it's not being fed a valid video signal (I haven't yet tried to hook the
> VS2000 up to it) -- whether it'll go into free-running mode or do mostly
> nothing until it has something to sync to...
> Thanks as always,
> Josh

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