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On 8/10/2020 12:24 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> I'm interested in getting one of these, but browsing the manuals it appears there is software that is installed on the VAX to use them with VMS.
Not necessarily a VAX, but on something that either has DECnet or MOP.  Most, but not all DECservers download it's OS from the network. So you need something on the the local network with the correct file to load when the DECserver boots and makes the request.
> Is the software required to attach terminals and login to various Vax's? Or is it for management of the Dec Server 300?
It's the DECserver's OS so yes to both.
> If the software is required, where do I find it?  Is it in the hobbyist distribution?  Is there a VAX and ALPHA version?
If you have access to any of the VMS software distribution CD's it on there. For the DS300 it would be in the DS3C022 directory on the appropriate CD.  According to Wikipedia you need the SH1601ENG.SYS file <>Online images of the CD are available several places online. has some, VAXHaven as several <>
> Doug
For downloading the file into the DECserver you need an OpenVMS system with DECnet and that kit you get from the distribution CD will tell you how to install.  Or you can follow this instruction to set up downloading from a Linux system <>

A DECserver 300 installation manual <>

Some of the software was available on one of the VMS Freeware CDs.  I don't remember which one though and it's not in my notes.

John H. Reinhardt

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