Unix text processing software with daisy wheel output

Dennis Boone drb at msu.edu
Mon Aug 10 16:49:54 CDT 2020

 > I want to use my daisy wheel printer to create letters and memos and
 > similar (rather simple) texts.  What can I use to write the text?

I worked on a v7 system that had a troff driver for iirc Diablo 630
printers, but I don't see it in stock v7.  For groff, you'd probably
hunt up a dvi-to-630 converter to do the same thing.

 > I think "special effects" with daisy wheel printers are "bold" and
 > "underline" parts. And "double stroke" (if that's the correct word, I
 > mean a space char between each char).

Depending on the environment, it may be possible to change wheels in mid
document to get italics or font changes.  On a daisywheel, bold is
generally done by double striking, and if the printer is capable (the
Vector Graphic micros with their Qume Sprint daisywheel printers did
this) micro-motion in between strikes.  Underscore is obviously fairly
straightforward, as are overstrikes for e.g. line-through or to
construct some special characters that might not be on the wheel, like
cent signs, section symbols.


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