LSI-11 Simulator from Bob Meister

Richard Cini rich.cini at
Wed Aug 12 13:15:24 CDT 2020

All –


                I’m cleaning out my shop (I’m swimming in stuff so I will be creating a “to go” list at some point), and this week I was going through boxes of magazine articles I saved. One is an article by Bob Meister that appeared in the July 1996 issue of Circuit Cellar with an LSI-11 simulator program. I was able to locate the C-source and get it to compile properly after some tweaking. 


                The article says that he had to create a custom RT-11 driver for it, and it implies that it can use an image of an diskette, but it really doesn’t say what kind (assuming RX01).


I wanted to pose this to the group to see if anyone ever heard of this program, used it, or otherwise knows Bob (email address in the article is no longer valid) so I can try to fill in the blanks a bit.






Rich Cini


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