Card edge connectors for individual Qbus wings

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Thu Aug 13 09:40:23 CDT 2020

Douglas's boards are good quality, but IMO their edge connector socket is
inappropriate for DEC boards. It's not deep enough, it does make contact
but on e.g. the extender cards, it doesn't provide enough mechanical
support for the boards, like the old DEC extenders do. I suppose it's what
we're stuck with for now, though. It'd probably be OK in a backplane with
card guides.

Their prototyping boards are also solid, I've ordered from them on several
different projects.

We now have our own DEC pattern quad height prototyping board, too:

It's pad-per-hole, no edge connector pinning is assumed, so that it can be
used on anything that takes DEC connectors (the need that prompted it was
work on a VT05). The only annoyance with the Douglas protoboards is that
some of them assume what's going to be power and ground, and you end up
having to cut traces. Ours can also be sheared in half down the middle to
make two dual-height cards.


On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 10:33 AM Glen Slick via cctalk <
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> Do you want something to plug into a backplane, or something to plug a
> board into?
> If the latter, Douglas Electronics lists a double wide connector with their
> part number 72-125C-EL.
> They also list double wide and quad wide extender cards, which optionally
> include those connectors on the top.
> I have purchased extender cards from them in the past.
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2020, 9:24 PM Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez via cctalk <
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> > Greetings, everyone...
> >
> > Does anybody know where I can source card edge connectors (with eyelets
> > or pins on the other side, hopefully) that would fit individual wings in
> > a Qbus board?
> >
> > Carlos.
> >

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