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On 13/08/2020 22:29, Tom Uban via cctalk wrote:
> Thanks Aaron. The DEC display is quite a bit newer than the old Plato design. I had one of the Plato
> terminals at one time and am quite familiar with them. I also had a digivue standalone display at
> one time, but don't recall what I did with it over the course of the years. At that time, I did have
> a full manual for it, including schematics, but I'm sure that went with the display to it's new home.
> I need to open the DEC VRE01 to see what the design looks like. The newer design allowed it to be
> very compact...
> --tom

suggests that the VRE01 was made by Planar Systems, Inc., of Beaverton, OR.

Perhaps that might point you towards actual documentation.

There's also a fact sheet 

I do remember the VRE01 appearing in the DEC catalogues of the 1990s but 
I never saw one in real life. Perhaps the $11K price tag explains that :-)


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