LA / SoCal area SDS branded (Sigma S7) Teletype Model 35 Avail.

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Sun Aug 16 09:53:29 CDT 2020

Looking for someone in the LA area who knows how to properly pack and a few
ship vintage items to be mailed to me.  A computer, monitor and parts.
 The seller is not experienced in this and as a result the first thing that
I got from him (A Model 33 Teletype top) was trashed.  I don't want the
stress of explaining or worrying about the next batch of stuff.   So I turn
to you, the vintage computing community to help.

You get:
Teletype Model 35 that I am told is in very nice shape.  I'd love to take
it myself but shipping is too expensive and difficult.  The Pedestal is
branded SDS, as in the old Sigma S7 computer.  Xerox bought them out and
sold the Sigma afterwards.  That would date the Teletype in the late 60's
or so.  This would be a nice museum piece.  I am told the Model 35 is
practically unused.

I get
You pack and ship properly (you supply boxes and bubble wrap) a late 70's
business PC,  display terminal, and a TTY Model 33 pedestal (I already have
the TTY itself).  I anticipate the computer will be heavy and delicate and
will need to be partially disassembled to add a little padding to the
inside and to intelligently check out what you're dealing with.  I am
experienced in shipping this kind of stuff, and if it was me, I would
expect it to take someone in LA area three or four hours to get the
materials at the store, box, disassemble/sure up, pack, go to the post
office, ship etc.  I want it mailed USPS as I live in a rural area and
they're the best here.

This is the community, do I have a taker?  If so contact me privately
through  My timeline is next
two weeks if possible.


BIll Degnan

P.S.  I will likely have a line to more cool stuff in LA area from this
guy.  You might want to check out what else he has, that in and of itself
might make this venture worth it.

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