UniSys ClearPath OS/2200 Express?

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Mon Aug 17 20:44:16 CDT 2020

> I really liked MASM and PLUS.
> I remember two ERs, ADED$ and SMOQUE$. With the latter I was able to move my print out to the top of the queue 😊
> IIRC, with ADED$ you could assign (and lock) a CPU to your program. A silly mistake in my MASM program “ate” all three CPUs of the 1100/63. Everything froze, and even on the console in the computer room response was extremely slow. $! had no immediate effect!
> Those were the days!  I think I will try to get 2200 running, but I am afraid I forgot most of it (if not all), it’s been over 20 years.
> Henk

I had a chance to play with PLUS while I was a student at U. Wisconsin.
 It was for an independent study course, using a new EXEC the sysprogs
had written to provide access to the batch job queue.

Managed to crash the 1108 (or maybe it was the 1110) twice in a row
owing to a bug in their EXEC.  ;)

Later they adapted (or completely rewrote) it, and had the job queue
displayed on TV screens down in the basement of the Computer Science
building in Madison.


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