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> 45 yrs. ago last month, mid-July, Dick Heiser started a new industry, the
> retail computer store. It opened in West L.A. under the name Arrow Head
> COmputer Company. aka, The Computer Store. This began the direct marketing
> of microcomputers to hobbyists, later to the masses of the middle class,
> albeit a small market 45 yrs. ago.
> Happy computing.

Claiming "First" in computer "anything" is just about always a dangerous thing

But for sure, several personal computer stores existed 45 years ago!

Personal Computer Corporation (whom Stan Veit wrote created the term "Personal
Computer") was formed by Everett Holland on Jan 4, 1976 as an "S" Corp. The
business started with a store in Frazier, PA in March of 1976. The first
employee (and "tech") was Dave Hilton. I became an "angel" investor about 1977
and ultimately became Ch. of the Bd. of PCC.

At our opening we sold Imsai and Digital Group Computers - plus S-100 boards
from a number of manufacturers.

At the time we opened, there were approximately 15 computer stores in the
U.S., mostly in California.

In the same year we started (1976), Stan Veit opened the Computer Mart of New

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