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Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Aug 23 00:02:53 CDT 2020

When dozens or hundreds start up within weeks or months of each other, 
every one is important, and most are interesting, but "FIRST" or "STARTED 
THE TREND" (implying being the "first") cease to really mean anything.

It's generally better to never use the word "FIRST"; there is almost 
always a lesser known one that was earlier.

The trend from being a sideline within a business, to becoming the 
primary focus of the business can seem anticlimactic, but is what marks 
the core of the transition.
Think of Fry's, NLS, etc.

On Sat, 22 Aug 2020, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:

> On 8/22/2020 9:53 AM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
>> On 8/22/20 8:52 AM, Murray McCullough via cctalk wrote:
>>> 45 yrs. ago last month, mid-July, Dick Heiser started a new industry, the
>>> retail computer store. It opened in West L.A. under the name Arrow Head
>>> COmputer Company. aka, The Computer Store. This began the direct marketing
>>> of microcomputers to hobbyists, later to the masses of the middle class,
>>> albeit a small market 45 yrs. ago.
>>> Happy computing.
>>> Murray  🙂
>> Does this precede Paul Terrell's Byte Shop #1 in Mountain View, CA?
>> --Chuck
> Not soon after, Dave and Tom Freeman, Advanced Computer Products in Santa 
> Ana, CA.
> thanks
> JIm

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