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John Klos john at
Sun Aug 23 14:06:41 CDT 2020

> When dozens or hundreds start up within weeks or months of each other, 
> every one is important, and most are interesting, but "FIRST" or 
> "STARTED THE TREND" (implying being the "first") cease to really mean 
> anything.
> It's generally better to never use the word "FIRST"; there is almost 
> always a lesser known one that was earlier.

That might be true for discussions where people don't care to do any 
research, or where words like "first" are uses more for hyperbolic 
emphasis, but suggesting someone started an industry on a list like this, 
I think, doesn't seem out of place.

If someone has examples of this being wrong, he / she will say so, and 
we'll all learn. If not, the original message has conveyed useful 

Relatedly, I have what I think is the only 1U VAX in the world. I've 
mentioned this in many places, but if someone says I'm wrong and shows me 
an example of another, it would please me, not upset me. I'll have learned 
of another :)


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