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On Tue, 25 Aug 2020, Alan Frisbie via cctalk wrote:
> Dick was a regular fixture at meetings of the Southern California
> Computer Society (SCCS), often making deliveries and taking orders
> there.  In those days, SCCS monthly meetings were *the* place for
> computer geeks to get together and exchange news and get help.
> A few months later, two guys named Steve showed up at a meeting
> with a kit they called the "Apple I", for the grand price of
> $666.66.  I wish I had had the foresight to buy one!  Instead,
> I wound up joining the SCCS group purchase of DEC LSI-11 systems.
> I still have that system, with a case and power supply from a
> TRW surplus sale.  It isn't worth nearly as much as an original
> Apple I, though!  :-)

Value can be more than what price they currently sell for.

Q: although WE call it "Apple I", did the Steves call it "Apple I" or 
"Apple Computer"?
The answer tells us whether they were explicitly planning on  making other 
models later!
Wikipedia (a terrible choice of citation in anything DISPUTED) says that 
the '1' came later, and says that the first demonstration was by Woz at 
the Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club.   (Started by Gordon French and Fred 
Moore, with Lee Felsenstein soon after)

For example, what we call "TRS80 Model 1" was NOT called "Model 1" until 
the "Model 2" (and then 3) was announced
What we call "World War 1" was not called "1", nor even "World War", 
until "World War 2" was obvious.
What we call "single density" was not called "single density" until MFM 
was developed, and the MARKETING people called MFM "double density".

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