Buying and running an IBM PC-XT in 2020

Richard Cini rich.cini at
Thu Aug 27 09:16:18 CDT 2020

There are a few 8-bit VGA boards with dual outputs (9-pin EGA and 15-pin VGA) that I keep in stock. Quadram makes them. That way I can use either the VGA on my KVM setup or a vintage monitor. I’ve also stockpiled various ISA cards like MFM, SCSI and memory expansion like BocaRAM or AboveBoard.

In my AT, I have a Quadram board, BocaRAM (2MB) and an Adapted AHA-1522. Works great.

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I decided to get a tvga8900 for mine, as fiddling with 15khz ttl is
just too flaky and problemmatic.  Having a real cga/ega monitor would
be cool if I could justify the cost and the space, but a native fix is
an isa vga card so that's my solution.  I'm refurbing a 5170 for use as
an imaging tool, ISA tester, etc.

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> I delivered in a truck to the set up in Quebec the 20 IBM XTs that
you see
> in the movie Xmen the Apocalypse.  I retrieved them after the
filming.  I
> could set up an office or classroom of XTs.  A funny if not
> practical joke
> B

That is awesome!

: Ethan O'Toole

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