Looking for an IDE simulator

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Aug 28 11:07:05 CDT 2020

After having a run of almost half a dozen IDE hard drive failures recently in
a short period of time (on my older desktops which use them, I've decided that
I should see if there's an IDE emulator (using SD cards) available I could
switch to. (I'm not sure why I had so many failures in such a short period; I
can only conclude that they're too old now, and reaching the end of their
service lives.

So soes anyone have one (or more) they can recommend? (IDE simulators only; I
don't want to have to mess around changing anything more than I _absolutely_
have to)? I did find these guys:


in an online search - the CFADPTHD seems like it's close to what I'd want,
except it's Compact Flash; I'd have preferred SD but I guess converting
their interface to IDE is more work.


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