michael Holley?

jwest at classiccmp.org jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Aug 28 11:20:50 CDT 2020

I need advice on a path forward then. From emails I got from Michael, Bill
Dawson gave him authority over both swtpc.com and swtpc.org.
Originally, Bill Dawson had swtpc.com but Michael was managing/uploading
much of the content there under the mholley subdirectory
(www.swtpc.com/mholley). Michael registered swtpc.org and I set that as a
redirect to the subdirectory on swtpc.com. Michael stated that at some point
the sites would be merged and he would be the sole site maintainer.

So now I am hosting swtpc.com and swtpc.org, and ownership of the site is up
in the air. Whoever owns swtpc.com doesn't have an A record, which
effectively kills off swtpc.org (redirect fails) as well. All that good
content (and there's a fair amount) is no longer accessible. I see herb
johnson ripped the site and has a copy over at deramp, but no clue if that
is a complete copy that descended from Bill or Mikes wishes.

My initial plan - since I have no registrar access to swtpc.com and it
doesn't point to my name servers, nothing I can do. But swtpc.org at least
still, is pointing to my nameservers. I will change the apache config from a
redirect to the real contents (but not sure if it should bring up the
content that was swtpc.com or swtpc.org). At least a real site will be up.

That being said, I am moving the sites I host free from one server to
another. That project is ongoing the past few days. I would like to move
swtpc.* as well, but see above.

If someone has a reasonably cogent claim to the content I would hand the
site (both) to them. If it's long been gone and other copies are complete
and commonly used, then I could just delete it but hesitant to do so. I
would like to decommission the old server but this should be resolved first.
Feel free to send me advice/thoughts/claims/rants off-list.


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