swtpc, mikeholley, early computer stores

jwest at classiccmp.org jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Aug 28 16:11:09 CDT 2020

Contacts have been made to secure disposition of Bill Dawson and Mike
Holley's site/contents. As part of that effort, I pointed swtpc.org to what
used to be swtpc.com (and also swtpc.org). So if you go to swtpc.org you can
traverse both sites. But that is not why I'm posting..


So in doing this and fixing a few links, I noticed there was a lot of
pictures and info on "first computer store in..." information, apparently
written by Mike Holley and we were just talking about that topic here. Some
may want to go hunting for the computer store that was an adult movie place



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