michael Holley?

Mike Douglas deramp5113 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 29 16:21:30 CDT 2020

Sorry, I did not see your post that there was no concern of losing Michael’s SWTPC content. I simply did not want to see more great material disappear from the internet as our peers age and become unable to maintain their web presence. I’ve seen that happen over and over now.

I’ll remove my mirror of Michael’s SWTPC content. You can contact Michael Evenson and let him know his assistance in preserving the content for the benefit of the hobby community is also “unauthorized.”

I presently pay for 150Gb of bandwidth on deramp.com to host material for vintage computing hobbyists. I’m surprised the swtpc.org bandwidth requirements are high enough to be an issue that requires your “grace” to allow us to view its content.


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