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> On 8/28/20 12:40 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> > Also, I discovered recently that there is a maximum number of hours
> > measured in years on SSDs and systems will start throwing SMART
> > errors when that is exceeded. I have a few doing that now on systems
> > with minimal writes but lots of hours.
> >
> > There are long discussions elsewhere of the dangers of using
> non-industrial
> > rated CFs and SDs in storage applications.
> I found it next to impossible to find information on what - if any -
> technology a particular SSD uses to extend lifespan; while manufacturers
> all compete on things like capacity and speed, very few of them seem
> interested in telling us how long their product might last.

Most SATA and NVMe SSDs have a PBW or DWPD number that gives you an
indication of how long it will last. These numbers are usually normalized
to a JEDEC workload. From that you can often extrapolate to your workload
if you know it well enough... It is one of the things I evaluate for
Netflix's CDN....

SD and CF cards almost never do unless they claim industrial use. Ditto USB
sticks, but with more industrial models available.



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