IBM 3270 compatible terminal connected to Hercules IBM mainframe emulator.

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Tue Sep 1 09:13:20 CDT 2020

On Sun, Aug 30, 2020 at 2:24 AM Mattis Lind via cctalk <
cctalk at> wrote:

> To achieve this I created a small piece of hardware I called SyncDongle,
> essentially it's just a few level converters, connectors and a STM32F103
> blue pill.


> There are good chances that the SyncDongle/BSCBridge combo could work with
> a 3274 or 3174 controller as well but I haven't tested since I don't have
> one. But no guarantees given, though. If someone has a spare 3174-51R,
> -61R, -81R or -91R I would be very interested in it.
I've got a -91R that I've been wishing that I could use.  I could maybe be
persuaded to part with it...

I've also got a -61R with token ring, an -11L, and a few -21L's that are
more appropriate for use with my z890 or MP/2003.


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