IBM 3270 compatible terminal connected to Hercules IBM mainframe emulator.

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Wed Sep 2 11:09:41 CDT 2020

Hello Paul,

Den ons 2 sep. 2020 kl 15:54 skrev Paul Birkel <pbirkel at>:

> Mattis:  Is that SDLC implementation generally available?  I see some
> interesting discussion of the possibility on Stack Exchange (Uriel Katz),
> but no obvious reference to a repository.

It is here:

I haven't tested it to the extreme. Rather exchanging a few different
messages with a Informer 213 terminal and a 8274 chip. That showed no
problems. But then speeds were low. All sorts of buffering problems might
creep up if you ramp up speed.



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