Not-OFFLIST Re: domains available (FTGH)

John Klos john at
Fri Sep 4 17:12:32 CDT 2020

>> I have to agree, that’s an interesting configuration.  The 1U Vaxstation 
>> 4000/VLC makes a lot of sense, this, an A1200 I’m having a bit more 
>> trouble understanding.  What is the purpose of this system?
> I would assume it can run Linux/Unix stuff? Though not sure you could get an 
> accelerator on it.
> I wonder if it was some solution sold to TV stations that used an Amiga and a 
> genlock in a box?

The Amiga 1200 and accelerators for it are a form factor of a slightly 
thick and deep keyboard. Therefore, accelerators are made which don't 
require much height. The motherboard and accelerator fit tidily in a 1U 

BTW - the pictures there are from the days of film cameras - that's how 
long ago I put it in that 1U. After recapping it a few years ago, it's 
back to being 100% stable.

All the machines run NetBSD, and the Alpha, UltraSPARC and Amiga systems 
compile pkgsrc bulk binary packages for each of their architectures. While 
I do use the 1U VAX to do test compiles, with 24 megs and 5 VUPs it 
wouldn't make much of a bulk builder. I have a VAXstation 4000/60 and a 
4000/90a for bulk building.

Speaking of VAXstations - can anyone recommend someone who does power 
supply recapping and repair? I would like to get the power supply of the 
VAXstation 4000/90a fixed, and while I could just open it up and replace 
the whole circuit board with one from a modern power supply, I'd really 
rather keep it at least somewhat original.


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