AW: CGA card (Mitsubishi Electric) with 192K RAM?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Sep 7 10:59:29 CDT 2020

On 9/7/20 2:26 AM, Veit, Holger wrote:
> Could this be a PGC card clone?

That had crossed my mind at one point, but there's no horsepower to this 
card at all - it's just TTL, RAM, BIOS and the 6845.

The color output *appears* to be TTL level - or, at least, that's what it's 
using at power-on. It's not impossible, I suppose, for it to be switchable 
to some kind of analog mode, thereby giving more color depth.

I'm wondering if it doesn't have some form of high-resolution bitmap mode 
for visualization, i.e. display construction would be processor-intensive 
and intended for static images/diagrams. I don't know if that really makes 
sense though because it would also imply having to switch the monitor - 
i.e. starting the machine with a CGA type display plugged in, then 
physically moving to something else later.

On the back of that, I just found this thread too which refers to an 
identical board:

... nothing there really "helps", but someone's comment about the medical 
field and a higher-resolution display via the RCA jack is interesting - 
that would at least get around the need to switch monitors (well, unless 
there was some special autodetecting analog/digital monitor that was sold 
to go with the hardware, I suppose).

It's a shame that the hard disk in the machine is either snafu or has been 
wiped - the contents would have helped shed light on things. There's an 
EPROM as part of the video hardware; anyone know of a DOS-based util to 
poke at the contents and/or snarf them into a file on disk? It's possible I 
suppose that there might be some useful strings hidden away in there.



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