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Kevin Parker trash80 at internode.on.net
Tue Sep 8 01:39:33 CDT 2020

Hi folks - quite some time ago I picked up this little beauty (well I'm sure
some may agree or disagree with me) off of ePAY. I happen to like black IBMs
of any type.

Of course I got gouged at the checkout paying the princely sum of $1.04 AUD
- some might say I got robbed. In the photo with the other machines it's the
big one. Included was the machine of course, the tape drive, the monitor
(the keyboard is somewhere) and a heap of connectors and cables - and I did
get the key with it too. What was missing were the HDDs (which they trashed
to  get rid of the data) and all the documentation (which they tossed before
they realised that they could flog it on ePAY and get someone else to take
it away).


But as I rationalise space in my increasingly small collection facility I
need to make some decisions about things so I'm looking for some suggestions
as to what I can do with this machine. At the risk of being applauded for
some ideas and being flamed for others some suggestions are:

1. Do nothing - it's a very interesting conversation piece and its worth
2. Someone is looking for one of these for parts and will pay me a fortune.
3. Dump it.
4. Donate it to a museum - they'll need a truck and four big guys.
5. Trade it for scrap value.
6. Get it running - now there's a big leap I suspect!! I did manage to
procure some HDDs from another AS/400 but as to whether they are suitable or
this would even work is not even remotely my bailiwick. 
7. Gut it and build a cluster inside it so at least it looks and runs like a
big computer so I can get some WOW factor from those who don't know any
8. Gut it and turn it into a bar fridge.
9. Anything else...

Thank you

Kevin Parker

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