CMU Andrew system (and wm) preservation

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Tue Sep 8 05:24:32 CDT 2020

mån 2020-09-07 klockan 15:29 -0400 skrev Michael Kerpan via cctalk:
> Has anybody even been able to get the X-based version to build? I
> remember
> finding it on some Unix/Linux source code CD-ROM like 20 years ago,
> thinking it sounded useful and cool, and trying to build it on
> whatever
> Linux I was using on my hand-me-down 486 back in 1999/2000. Even back
> then,
> it didn't build for me.
> Mike

I have a memory of someone running it on an ELC (SunOS4.1.3 days.)

So: a fully patched SunOS 4.1 system with dev tools and 1991/1992
sources to Andrew ?

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