ISO: DEC VR100 and early X releases

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There is a DEC dealer in the UK that has M7452 cards listed as in-stock. Contact Spencer Dye at sales at

Old mouse I have located, but he has to check if it is actually in stock, and if it works.


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> While I'm at it -- anyone know
> precisely what I need to use this under VMS?  I believe 4.7 was the last
> VMS release that supported it, but there were additional packages that
> needed to be installed to support it, and I'm not entirely sure what they
> are.

To use the VAXstation 100 with VMS you need to install the "VAXstation
Software" layered product. I have not come across any original copies
however DEC later contributed the source code to the DECUS library under
submission V00376. The submission consists of a CMS library and some
other source files. The only place you can reliably get this from is
DECUServe as you need to get the files whilst preserving their RMS
attributes. Then you need to compile the code and create an installation
kit to use the software.

The good news is that I've already done all of this so here is a link to
the source and installation kit on Simh tap files:

This was built on VAX/VMS V4.4 with:

Bliss-32 V4.3
Pascal V3.7
CMS V2.3
MMS V2.2

I also have a VAXstation 100 that I hope to get working some day but I
need the M7452 card and a VS10X-EA mouse. I did win an M7452 on eBay
about 10 years ago but the seller then said that he had already sold it.
I've not seen another one since (well not one for an affordable price. I
did find a reseller that wanted $1000 for one).


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