SunBlade 100 with USB type 7 keyboard

Jeffrey S. Worley technoid6502 at
Wed Sep 9 13:07:54 CDT 2020

My Sunblade works fine with a generic USB keyboard, but does not
recognize the Type 7 USB keyboard I bought for it.  OpenBoot prom
reports "no keyboard detected".  If I boot with my generic keyboard
plugged in and then plug in the type 7, it sees it fine in OpenBSD.  It
is the openboot prom that doesn't see it.

Can anyone steer me to the most current openboot prom update for the
SunBlade 100?  I've looked like crazy on Oracle's site and all I find
are the instructions on how to apply an update, but not the actual

This problem is firmware, not software or hardware.  The Type 7
keyboard works fine on my PC, or if plugged into the Sunblade once it
has booted/started to boot.



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