NetWare 5.1 / BorderManager 3.5

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Wed Sep 9 14:38:12 CDT 2020

ons 2020-09-09 klockan 13:08 +0200 skrev Liam Proven via cctalk:
> Oh dear...
> TBH I have a suspicion nobody may have kept stuff like that, even
> inside Novell... :(

I will have to check where i read this just recently but
well the industry is such that repeatibility and possibility to
reproduce something which was computed in different areas of science
10 years ago now is very hard to redo.

If the source code to the computations is available (which is a big if)

What to run it on ??

Different compilers ... so expect other results if the computations
isn't the one which have clear cut answers...

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