Seeking "MEGATEK" Sun 3/4 era (?) VME Graphics accelerator information and driver

Ian Finder ian.finder at
Sun Sep 13 14:54:29 CDT 2020

I picked up a pair (1 set) of these very neat old graphics boards.

Alas I have no idea what they are or if there is hope of using them. One is
a dual
slot 9U VME board that has gobs of video ram all over it, including a board
labeled Z buffer.

The only output are (3) BNC connectors
(R,G, and B) and a 50 pin connector marked P4.

The other is a single slot 9UVME board with (8) 30 pin SIMM slots with 1mb
SIMM in them, a couple of Weitek chips, another 50 pin connector labeled
P4, jumpered with a baby backplane to the other board, and 6 led on the

Anyone know what these are and where to get drivers? They appear to be Sun
3 era, and the boards are labeled “Sun OHC” with a megatek sticker.

They do not appear to work out-of-box in my 3/260 as console devices- the
Kernel does not identify them correctly.


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