Seeking "MEGATEK" Sun 3/4 era (?) VME Graphics accelerator information and driver

Dennis Boone drb at
Sun Sep 13 15:28:29 CDT 2020

 > Alas I have no idea what they are or if there is hope of using them.

Megatek built graphics terminals and I think plotters that were used in
CAD shops.  Prime used them with some of their CAD offerings.  Megatek
also did boards for at least DG, -11, Modcomp systems, maybe others.  In
fact, some of the terminals may be based on Nova processors.  The
Megagraphic line mentions a bit-slice custom processor inside.

The Whizzard line seems to interface via RS-232, but the Megagraphic
family brochures say they had pio/dma interfaces for a variety of
minicomputers, so are probably closer to matching your board set.

You'd be looking for the relevant terminal, I'd think.


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