Flyback transformer for Televideo TVI-9xx terminal

Tom Hunter ccth6600 at
Mon Sep 14 11:22:23 CDT 2020

I am looking for replacement flyback transformers for Televideo TVI-912B
The flyback transformer is labelled "KFS-00093" on the actual part and also
in the schematic.
This same flyback was used in a range of Televideo terminals (TVI-912B,
TVI-920, etc).

Does anyone know of a source for these?

Google found the link below, but the photo looks very different from the
actual flyback in the terminal:

I confirmed with the supplier that the photo on their website is from the
actual part they sell. Unfortunately they don't have a datasheet for the
flyback or even a specification sheet.

The part is cheap, but they have a US$25 minimum order and then the
shipping to Australia is just silly expensive at US$59.10.

I could spend US$84.10 just to find out it is the wrong part.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards
Tom Hunter

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