ISO Advantech Labtool-148C prgrammer wall wart specs

dwight dkelvey at
Tue Sep 15 13:24:48 CDT 2020

Hi Al
Many programmers use the +5V to switching boost for programming voltage because the needed level has a low current load for the programming level. The additional wire might be for a negative level, such as RS-232 or DRAM. These are still things that can be traced out with and ohm meter and also look for polarized capacitors. If there is RS-232, look for the drivers. Maxim parts use built in capacitive charge pumps and don't need a negative rail. These are all good indicators of what the levels are.
PAL programmers need higher programming current than EPROMs.
I don't know the particular programmer's purpose you have.

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On 9/15/20 7:39 AM, dwight wrote:
> It may be low voltage AC and ground or it may be +5V and a high voltage for programming and a return ground. You might look inside to see
> what the wires lead to.

it is two DC voltages. I haven't traced out which one is 5v

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