Care and feeding of some Lisp machines (TI Explorer and Xerox Star)

Michael Engel engel at
Tue Sep 15 16:24:22 CDT 2020

> On 15 Sep 2020, at 23:19, Al Kossow via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> On 9/15/20 2:09 PM, Michael Engel via cctalk wrote:
>> And what I thought were simple Tektronix vector terminals turned out to be two Tektronix
>> 4404 machines and one 4406 - the 68010/020-based Smalltalk machines (which can also
>> run Common Lisp). So more great stuff for our exhibition - and more machines to work on...

> Please dump the firmware and image any floppies you have for this, especially the 020 version

I haven't found any floppies for the Tektronix machines so far (but there are more unopened boxes...), 
but I can dump the disks (they seem to be SCSI) and can certainly also read the EPROMs.

> And take some internal/external pictures of the unit and the external disk box

Finally some good use for my DSLR :).

> A simulator is in development.

I found this web page by Seth Morabito:
Is this the simulator that is under development?


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