SPARCstation ELC Installation and repair guide

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> Hi,
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> >
> > Does anyone have the Sun SPARCstation ELC Installation and repair guide?
> >
> > I have a few naked ELC boards and I'd like to know what that edge
> connector
> > does (presumably power and video) and if feasible build something from it
> > (1U rackmount Sun4c server? Slim client built into the back of an LCD?
> > SPARC Laptop? Endless possibilities....)
> Somebody had that idea already (and I like it... but I gave away all of my
> SLCs and ELCs years ago):
> However, it seems that this is still using the connector board which the
> actual CPU board plugs into. The page mentions that the author has been
> sent a pinout of the edge connector, but it isn't linked.
thanks, that site didn't turn up in my search. I remember Mouse, I shot him
an email and hope I get a reply ;)

Have fun,
>     Michael

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