Exploring early GUIs

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Not sure if I missed it but the Atari ST also ran GEM from ROM. I have been using mine recently with a GoTek and Flash Floppy.
There are many emulators.  I remember when I first used it being fascinated by the fact you could do many tasks without using the keyboard.
Mind you I generally used it with Gulam a "unix like" shell with a built in Micro Emacs.


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> I re mn ember  GEm5 as a guide ran under dos .  .
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> > Something in another recent thread about LISP machines got me wondering:
> > how many early graphical systems are well emulated (or emulated at
> > all)? I know that there are more or less functional emulations of
> > Alto, Star, and Lisa out there, but what about the various LISP
> > machines or the early workstations (Sun 68K, Apollo, etc) Also,
> > assuming that there are emulators for some of these systems out there,
> > has any software to run on them and been archived?
> >
> > Mike
> One system that could be considered a GUI, or at least the beginnings of one, is
> the PLATO system.  Emulations of that are alive and well, in particular the
> system described at cyber1.org.
>     paul

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