Looking for Logicraft Omni-Ware

Camiel Vanderhoeven camiel at vaxbarn.com
Sun Sep 20 02:04:44 CDT 2020

I’m looking for a piece of software called Omni-Ware for VMS or UNIX , by a Nashua company called Logicraft. 

I’ve just received the pieces to build a Logicraft PC (286 motherboard with custom BIOS and a special network card that emulates the keyboard, mouse, CGA video card and hard disk). I also received the documentation for the VAX/VMS version of the software, but I’m now looking for the accompanying software for VMS or UNIX. The idea is to install this software on a workstation, and connect it to the Omni-Ware PC. The PC then boots off a disk image stored on the workstation, with input and output in an X-Windows window. Logicraft apparently supplied disk images with DOS, Xenix, OS/2 or MS Windows installed. 

I’m really hoping someone has a copy of this software still lying around somewhere. 



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