Exploring early GUIs

Mike Begley spam at hell.org
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There's also the windowing system used on the AT&T 3B1 (AKA Unix PC, AK PC7300), which I think was called MGR.  It may have also been ported to other systems as well.  When I had one of these machines it was adequate, although terribly slow on a 512K system.

There's a writeup, with images, here:

and apparently an emulator here:

I have a parted-out 7300 in my closet, but I'm not sure I have all the pieces.  Part of me thinks I should dig it out and revive it, part of me thinks I should let sleeping dogs lie...


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Something in another recent thread about LISP machines got me wondering:
how many early graphical systems are well emulated (or emulated at all)? I know that there are more or less functional emulations of Alto, Star, and Lisa out there, but what about the various LISP machines or the early workstations (Sun 68K, Apollo, etc) Also, assuming that there are emulators for some of these systems out there, has any software to run on them and been archived?


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