Seeking: TMS32010 Assembly Language Programmer's Guide (1983)

Paul Birkel pbirkel at
Sat Sep 26 06:51:50 CDT 2020



I seek a copy (hard or electronic) of the "TMS32010 Assembly Language
Programmer's Guide" (1983).


    Paperback : 194 pages

    ISBN-10 : 0904047423

    ISBN-13 : 978-0904047424

    Publisher : Texas Instruments (December 1, 1983)

    Item Weight : 1.11 pounds

    Language: : English


The "TMS32010 User's Guide" (1985) is readily available.  Not so the (more
important!) Programmer's Guide :-{.


I recently obtained a TMS 32010 Evaluation Module (EVM).  So I'm motivated
to "learn something" about the details of programming the TMS 32010.  My
first hands-on foray into the (early) world of DSP :-}.


I've searched all of the nooks-n-crannies of the web to no avail.

All help in locating/obtaining a copy of this document will be greatly


I do have a copy of "Digital Signal Processing Using TMS32010" (Douglas L.
Jones) on order as a stop-gap measure.


Thank you,


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