Disabling SCSI parity checking to dump disk on ACB4000 MFM-SCSI adapter?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 17:47:46 CDT 2020

On 9/26/20 10:56 AM, Al Kossow via cctech wrote:
> ACB4000s aren't common command set.
> it expects the driver to tell it the drive parameters

I'm possibly/probably wrong, but I thought the ACB-4000 only needs the 
parameters setting prior to format - I don't know it it has some form of 
non volatile RAM (unlikely) or if it stores the params in the first sector 
on the drive and then offsets r/w requests by a set amount (I know at least 
one vendor's board did that) so that they don't get overwritten.

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