Alpha Micro goes gopher

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Sun Sep 27 15:45:29 CDT 2020

(also posted to VCF)

If you'd like a longer story version, I posted this in long form with some

I've hacked up a Gopher client into the Alpha Micro. It requires AMOS 2.3A
and either AlphaTCP 1.3C or 1.5A, and is written in both assembly (using a
hacked version of the AlphaTCP finger client) and AlphaBASIC.


And why would I do this, other than the fact I like Gopherspace? Because I've
also uploaded the Alpha Micro Users' Society Network Library to the Floodgap
gopher server, with oodles of free binaries and source code lovingly preserved
in their original PPNs.


(No Gopher client? Visit to download
one, or view it on the proxy:


And, if you want to know more about Alpha Microsystems, the Alpha Micro Phun
Machine has been updated as well:

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