Datasheet / Info for Motorola SC5330 IC?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Wed Sep 30 15:04:41 CDT 2020

I'm in the middle of working out the pinout for the power supply connector
on the MDP-1000.  I'm aided somewhat by a set of test points on the
backplane, unfortunately the "+" and "-" symbols (in the solder mask labels
next to the test points) are nearly indiscernible, so I'm trying to verify
that I'm not mixing up + and - 15V.

On the core memory boards are eight Motorola SC5330 IC's (datecodes from
early 1969), which have pins connected to both the + and - 15V lines -- if
I can find a datasheet I could pretty easily confirm which is which.
Trouble is I can't find anything on this chip.  I've scanned through the
databooks on Bitsavers, no luck.  Anyone have any ideas?

Here's a picture in case that helps at all:!Aqb36sqnCIfMpIVXm5draSrWHGMzJg

- Josh

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