Intel Developers' Insight CD-ROM collection archived anywhere?

Glen Slick glen.slick at
Wed Sep 30 18:39:47 CDT 2020

Does anyone have a collection of Intel Developers' Insight CD-ROMs in
physical form or as images? The only physical CD-ROMs I have are a two
disk set from February 1998. I don't know what time period these were
available. Maybe mid or late 1990s to early 2000s? They have a variety
of information on them such as datasheets and manuals that might not
always be easy to find online anywhere anymore.

As one example of something that I was recently unable to find online
anywhere is a copy of either of these, which might have been available
on some of the Intel Developers' Insight CD-ROMs:
297372 16-Mbit Flash Product Family User’s Manual
297508 FLASHBuilder Design Resource Tool
Those are mentioned in various Intel flash memory datasheets and
databooks from around the 1995 timeframe.

The  February 1998 CD-ROMs contain a copy of the Intel Flash
SOFTWAREBuilder, which appears to be related to but different from the
FLASHBuilder tool.

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