PDP-11/70 backplane wire list

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 23:03:47 CST 2021

Hey all --

Discovered a broken wirewrap wire on the 11/70 I'm slowly working on, it's
on the last slot (44), and runs from BD2 to ??.  White wire, part of a
white/black twisted pair.  I've been looking but haven't found a wire list
for the backplane -- anyone have any leads, or, alternately, does anyone
have ready access to an 11/70 backplane to trace where the wire from BD2 on
slot 44 goes to?  (Fortunately it looks like there's just the one wire on
that pin, though there might be one "below" it on the pin that I can't
quite see, rather cramped in there.)

Thanks as always,

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