MM11-F manual/prints available

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Jan 2 11:52:37 CST 2021

I finally got around to completing the processing of the scanned images of the
pages of the MM11-F manual and engineering drawings. A PDF is available here:

For those who object to PDF/A, here:

are TARs of the original TIFFs.

The images aren't that great, I see; the original paper copies aren't too hot,
IIRC. If anyone actually has a use for these (does anyone out there _actually
have_ an MM11-F?), and there's a problem, let me know, and once I get my
scanner running again, I can try and get better ones.

I thought we were missing the MM11-E manual, so since the two are so similar
(most of the boards are the same) I thought the MM11-F's would mostly fill the
gap, but it appears it's there, prepended to the MM11-E prints.

One thing this set has which might be useful is the backplane wirelist (the
MM11-E's seems to be missing); given the commonality of most of the boards
from the MM11-E to the MM11-F, they're probably very similar.


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