Ouch, but 2 Perqs out.

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Sun Jan 3 16:44:34 CST 2021

Hi all!

Well another trip into the basement today. Found a second Perq type 1 
keyboard (with the LED panel on the back), a pair of platform things 
that look like they might be digitizer pads, and about 20 MFM hard disk 
drives of every model and vintage.

One of the Perq2's does not have a back panel (I can see the CPU boards) 
but the other one does. So the other one may have drives in it.

I dragged out a BA11-SA type chassis and there is a pdp11/03 version of 
one with a very rusted rack slide part. Will figure those out later.

However with the disks out I have space to put other stuff on the 
shelves and start working on getting the HP1000 out. With that out I'll 
have enough space to get the Suns somewhere and will try to take apart a 
T2 in situ to see if it can come up the stairs. If not I'll take the 
cards first, then disks, then go from there.


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